BPS Psychology in the pub

The highbury vaults in Bristol. This is not where this psychology in the pub talk was held, but many psychologists can often be found here due to its proximity to the Uni of Bristol Exp Psych dept!

On Wednesday evening I attended a social event held by the south-west hub of the British Psychological Society. This was great because after the “outside the box inside pharmacy” conference both Jane and I commented that there were no similar local events for psychologists that were being run by our professional body (which is the British Psychological Society). Not long after we said this, as if someone was listening in to our conversation, or reading my mind (or simply down to coincidence) I received an invite to the psychology in the pub session. The great thing is that this is going to run once a month and there is an informal talk from a local psychologist about what they do / a piece of their work. How great is that! Ok, so I sound a little geeky now, but psychology is such a diverse subject that you can’t be an expert in every aspect of psychology so it is great to talk to other psychologists and learn from them a little more about psychology.

The psychology in the pub sessions were kicked off by a talk from Jo Maddocks who is a chartered occupational psychologist and co-founded an occupational psychology group in Bristol – called JCA. His area of expertise was emotional intelligence and he and his colleagues devised a questionnaire to assess emotional intelligence (which he delivers with a lot of interactive group work for companies). What was interesting was that the key to understanding emotional intelligence is reflecting on your own behaviours and your own emotions and figuring out how others are going to respond – and if they don’t respond in the way you expect, then you reflect on that too, and so on. It did spark a few thoughts in my mind and finally I know something about EI, a topic which I remember hearing about when I did my a-level psychology class.

I am looking forward to lots more of these events, despite the rumours psychologists are great fun, and I really enjoyed meeting those that went on Wednesday.

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