Community Pharmacist Study

After a successful pilot study carried out at the end of 2011, the community pharmacist study was launched in February 2012.

From the end of February 2012 till the end of September 2012 we will be recruiting community pharmacists to take part in this study. We are seeking to recruit around 130 community pharmacists in total to take part in our study, in the first instance we will be talking to pharmacists working in Bath and surrounding areas.

27.02.2012: Exciting news!

Last month the Pharmaceutical Trust for Educational and Charitable Objects  awarded the research team a significant amount of funding in order that we can support all the pharmacists who take part in our study by providing the costs for locum cover when they come to take part in this study. This will mean that the pharmacists who take part in our study will not have to take a day off work and their pharmacies. You can read more about the funding we have received on the University of Bath website and in the January edition of Professional Matters from the Pharmaceutical Journal.  We are very excited to be working with PTECO on this study and with their support we are now able to take this study out to community pharmacists and make sure that the findings from our research can be meaningfully translated into practice.

What this study is all about: The aim of this study is to measure the amount of mental workload community pharmacists experience when they carry out routine community pharmacy tasks.

Why it is important to study the mental workload levels that pharmacists experience: The workload of community pharmacists is continually growing. This is due to several factors including the new and expanded roles that pharmacists are taking on in addition to their traditional roles, ever-increasing numbers of prescriptions being dispensed and the increasingly competitive business environment that community pharmacies are part of. All these factors impact on the mental workload a community pharmacist experiences as they carry out their day-to-day tasks at work. The mental workload of a task can be thought of as the demands a task you are working on makes of your brain’s information processing system. It is important to understand and explore the levels of mental workload pharmacists experience because it has been related to both staff and patient outcomes.

Why are community pharmacists being asked to take part:
As people become more experienced at a task the level of mental workload involved in that task for them will change. By carrying out two identical studies one with community pharmacists and one with pharmacy students we can find out how practice and experience of routine pharmacy tasks affects the levels of mental workload experienced when pharmacists are carrying out these tasks. This is important because the situations that cause problematic levels of mental workload will vary according to experience at the task. By carrying out this study with community pharmacists we can ensure that our findings are relevant and generalisable to practising pharmacists, not just pharmacy students.

Funding for community pharmacists who would like to take part in our study: Our community pharmacist study is being funded by the Pharmaceutical Trust for Educational and Charitable Objects (PTECO) (see above). This is allowing us to provide funds to the pharmacies that our community pharmacists work at to pay for locum cover whilst they are taking part in the study. This means that if you do decide you would like to take part (or if you are a pharmacy manager who has a member of staff who would like to take part) this hopefully will have minimum impact on the running of the pharmacy, and the pharmacist who takes part does not have to do this study in their spare time or take annual leave. Before pharmacists are invited to take part, Hannah will have contacted pharmacy managers to ensure they are happy for their pharmacists to be invited to take part & do the study during working hours.

What do I need to do if I would like to take part? If you would like to know more about what taking part in this study involves please read this Participant Information Sheet  or use the contact form (see the contact page ) to get in touch with me (Hannah Family researcher to the project).

If you have read the information sheet and would like to take part in this study please get in touch with me (Hannah Family) using the details on the contact form (see the contact page) or the form at the end of the information sheet and I will respond ASAP.

You may also have seen (or will shortly be seeing) this Recruitment poster displayed in your pharmacy.


Please read the information above and if you would like to take part or would like more information please get in touch.

1.11.2012 – We have a few participants left to recruit – would you like to take part? 

We are running the study until 14th Decemeber 2012- if you would like to take part please get in touch. We are particularly interested in hearing from pharmacists who work in small chain pharmacies or for independent pharmacies. We can provide backfill costs to your pharmacy for employing locum cover whilst you come and take part in the study or we can pay you a day’s locum fee if you would prefer to take part on one of your days off. We will also refund your travel expenses.


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